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(041) Can Anyone (inc. Non-Christians) Hear God’s Voice? with Dr. Amos Yong

Can anyone hear God’s voice? What about those who don’t know him? Can non-Christians or those who’ve never been to church hear him speak? And what about those from other religions?

On this episode, we’re privileged to have the esteemed Dr Amos Yong on the show to talk about some of these questions. Amos is an eminent theologian, a prolific author and researcher with over 20 titles based around the work of the Holy Spirit. They include a theology of disability, interfaith relationships, global theology – even a theology of Down syndrome. The title on this topic is called: Beyond the Impasse: Toward a Pneumatological Theology of Religions.

Amos shares his story of knowing God, and how his most common way of hearing God’s voice is through the Scriptures. We talk about the different ways people use “God-talking” language. His Mum for example, regularly says God speaks to her, but his Dad is more conservative in his use of this language and a lot less likely to attribute his experiences to God. We discuss how the Spirit is working in the lives of those from other faiths, how God is present in the lives of our neighbours and what God may be saying when we learn to love someone else.

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