It’s our Birthday! Ten Years of God Conversations

Celebrating 10 years of God Conversations

It’s our Birthday! Ten Years of God Conversations

It was the beginning of 2007. I’d just quit my job at Hillsong College and found myself sitting at a desk in Sydney Australia, wondering how I was going to fulfil the mandate I’d been given eight years earlier: “You have a very specific gifting to hear from God – your job is to teach others.” It was followed up by a dream that spoke using a clever symbol of a broken periscope with fuzzy mirrors. My job was to replace those mirrors with clear ones – to help people see what was so often confused and obscure (Listen to how the ministry began in the first GC Podcast: If God Said it, Will it Always Happen?)

Since that time, the message of God Conversations has gone all over the world via face-to-face speaking engagements, podcasts, books, TV, radio, video and magazine articles.

It’s been a wild ride – one where I’ve experienced God’s incredible favour as well as the guidance of some extraordinarily gifted and generous friends and supporters. So this is a thank you to them: my leadership team: Anita, Pete, Dave, Vicki, and to our staff and prayer team: Jenny, Ali and Zoe. It’s also a thank you to YOU: those who have received from the ministry and encouraged us along the way. Will you join us in thanking God for his goodness and in sending up a prayer for the next season? We are committed to reaching millions of people around the world with the message that God is personal and he wants to be involved in our lives through the power of his spoken word!

Do you have a God Conversations testimony? We’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments below:

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